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10th-12th Grade Registration


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Registration for the 2024-2025 school year will begin the week of February 5. Counselors will be joining students to review the registration process in the following courses on the following dates. It is extremely important that students are sure to join the Google Meet for their class for this important information. 





Physical Science OR preAP Science

February 6 


World History, Advanced World History, OR AP World History

February 8 


US History, Advanced US History, OR AP US History

February 9

Students will enter their registration in Infinite Campus in their Language Arts class on February 23 .


There are a few new courses available for the 2024-2025 school year. Information about these courses is available in the High School Academic Planning Guide. To access the High School Academic Planning Guide, click here.

Work Based Learning: The purpose of work-based learning is to provide students the opportunity to connect what they learn in school with work-site applications to enable a smooth transition into the workforce and/or postsecondary education after graduation from high school. 

Live Event Production Workshop: The purpose of the Live Event Production Workshop is to provide hands-on training to individuals who are interested in becoming live event production technicians for theater, streaming, sports, or live events. This program focuses on broad transferable skills and stresses understanding and demonstration of the following elements of the live event industries: working as part of a team, safe and efficient work practices, use of lighting and sound equipment, operation of broadcast video camera, set-up and use of audio recording equipment, operation of control room equipment, and organization/managing events from conception to reality.  Coursework will lead to students being ready to complete several industry-recognized certifications, which could include but are not limited to; Digital Audio I, Event Planning and Management, Video Production I, Backstage Certification, AVIXIA AV Technologist Certification.

Unified Introduction to Foods: This course follows a similar concept as Unified PE, however Unified Introduction to Foods is designed to increase the student’s skills in basic food preparation. This course focuses on the intellectual, and social growth of all participants, while engaging in food preparation activities alongside peers with and without disabilities helping to foster important social relationships.  Emphasis is on practical experiences of cooking and nutrition. Labs include breads, main dishes, side dishes, cakes, desserts and snacks. 

Computer Aided Design/Drafting in Engineering: This is not a new course, but a change to one we already have.  COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN / DRAFTING (CADD) IN ENGINEERING replaces PLTW Introduction toEngineering Design with updated activities and projects to better match student interests of today.  CADD and Engineering is a project, problem-based course where students learn to sketch and design parts and assemblies.  Then create the drawings needed for production using CADD. They will also use the design process to build on foundational engineering concepts with an emphasis on the application of modeling to generate solutions and new products. This course is recommended for students 9-12 who are exploring a future career in Engineering or CADD skills used in multiple fields.

New courses with college credit: 

Course with the designation of "CE" means that the course is taught by a Two Rivers teachers but the course is taught with curriculum from a local technical college.

  • College Health CE
  • Strength and Conditioning IV CE
  • Guitar Techniques CE
  • Music Theory CE (formerly AP Music Theory)
  • Microeconomics CE (formerly AP Microeconomics)
  • Macroeconomics CE (formerly AP Macroeconomics)

New Courses in 2023-2024 included:

  • AP Precalculus
  • AP Government and Politics
  • AP Seminar
  • Certificate Nursing Assistant (CNA)
  • Mass Media and Communication



What career pathway programs and experiences are available to juniors and seniors?

There will be informational meetings held for students who are interested in our career pathway programs through Two Rivers courses, our TriDistrict programs or Genesys Works.

Students will have an opportunity to learn more about a specific pathway they are interested in during Warrior Time on February 14. To learn more about this opportunity, view this flyer.

Students and families can learn more out the Tri District Programs at an upcoming interest meeting. 

  • TriDistrict Program Interest Meeting: Date and time coming soon. Please contact Ben Kusch for more information at 

To learn a little more about the CAPS program, check out this video.

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