Two Rivers High School

Warrior Time

Student Expectations

Check your email Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, if you are requested you must report to the teacher

  • If you want a teacher to request you, make sure to tell them by Monday
  • Attendance is taken in classrooms.
  • If you want to work in the Media Center, you need to sign-up with Ms. Winter so you get requested.

If you are not requested, you are to report to the gym or cafeteria.

  • Cafeteria is work space/calm chill space
  • Gym is walking space or chill space (note - no gym equipment out)

Warrior Time is structured time, no matter where you are

  • Time to catch up on work
  • Time to get help
  • Time to work with friends
  • Time to decompress/refocus to be ready for the rest of your day.

Here is a video that provides an overview of these expectations.

What is Warrior Time?

Warrior Time is a dedicated time during the day for students to connect with teachers, receive additional support, catch up on work, and/or study for their classes.  

Why are we adding Warrior Time?

Adding Warrior Time into our schedule each week provides some time during the day for students to connect with teachers and have some extra work time.  We recognize that students have very busy schedules and a lot to manage with their course loads, so we are hopeful that this additional time during the school day can provide students with meaningful support. Additionally, in response to our data on final grades from Semester 1, we recognize we need to increase opportunities for student support and this is one strategy we are implementing.

How does Warrior Time work?

Teachers “request” students for Warrior Time.  If a student is requested by their teacher, they will receive an email Tuesday evening letting them know that they are to go to that teacher’s classroom during Warrior Time on Wednesday.  Families are also sent an email on Tuesday evening to let them know their student has been requested by a teacher for Warrior Time.

If a student wants to go to a teacher’s room for Warrior Time, they connect with the teacher before school starts on Tuesday so that the teacher can request them through the system. This allows for correct attendance rosters to be created for this time.

If a student is not requested by a teacher and does not ask a teacher to go to their classroom, the student goes to the cafeteria or the gym. 

If a student is requested by a teacher, they are expected to attend. Attendance will be taken. Parents/guardians will receive notification on Thursday if their student missed their scheduled Warrior Time. 

How will I know if I/my student was requested for Warrior Time?

Students will receive emails on Tuesday afternoon. The email will indicate that a teacher has requested them OR that they can choose to go to the cafeteria or gym. 

Parents/Guardians will ONLY get an email IF their student was requested by a teacher.

Will parents/guardians be notified if a student does not attend Warrior TIme?

If a student was requested by a teacher and they do not attend, the parent will receive an email letting them know that their student was absent. 

What is multiple teachers request to work with my student?

Priority will be given for the class that a student is struggling in the most or a class where a make-up quiz or re-take is needed.

What is the schedule?

On Wednesdays, we run a Warrior Time bell schedule where other classes are slightly shortened to create time during the day for student support.

We will gather feedback from our students and staff after the first four weeks of Warrior Time and at the end of May.